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Razer Destructor Professional Gaming Mat: Product Review

The Razer Destructor Professional Gaming Mat is a great performing mouse surface with a really good case.
Ease of Use, Performance: 20/25, Look amp; Feel: 23/25,
Features 20/25, How much I enjoy 20/25

Total: 83/100

Professional Gaming Mat, Mouse Surface, Gaming Surface, whatever name you call it by its always going to be a pad for your mouse or mouse pad and can be plastic, glass, metal, polymer or cloth but it all boils down to performance. If the mouse pad performs well this means good smooth movement across the pad and great smooth tracking and performance for both your cursor and in gaming.

The Razer Destructor is a nice smooth action mouse pad for great gaming action and fantastic everyday computer use. The Destructor Professional Gaming Mat has a nice non slip rubber foam surface glued to the bottom of the plastic mousing surface for a great mouse pad.

The Destructor is a shaped plastic mat about 13 inches wide and 10 inches tall and a little less than 1/8 of an inch thick. The mouse pad is curved on all sides and conforms very well to computer and mouse use in gaming or general computing.

The Razer website talks about improved responsiveness and tracking performance, superior tactility but what it all boils down to is superior design that ends up with great mouse performance. Whether you’re gaming or surfing the internet a good slick mouse surface does make a difference and one that fits your style and wallet are important.

I really like many of the Razer products and the Destructor is one of these, its subdued logo is one thing that makes a good first impression. A bright white logo against a black mouse pad can be a bit of a distraction but the Destructor has a nice black logo and Razer Destructor wording on the grey surface.

The gaming mat has a gun metal surface designed to enhance the responsiveness of the mouse on the mat and does a really good job. As far as the companies boasts of 37% tracking for laser mice and 25% better tracking for optical mice I really have no way to test this myself. I do know that it does a really good job at both gaming and regular computer mouse use and offers a nice smooth surface for your mouse.

Tracking and cursor movement are really smooth and responsive for the several mice I used with the destructor with both optical and laser mice. The Destructor Gaming Mat does a great job as a mouse pad and stays put with its rubber base and performs well.

Overall the Razer Destructor is a nice gaming mouse pad or Professional Gaming Mat as they like to put it but they do have a point. The Razer company has a great team of professional gamers who design and build their products with an eye toward not only great performing products but style as well.

Which brings me to the last point of this review, if you don’t make a statement when you arrive at the LAN party, they won’t take you seriously. Arriving with a Razer Destructor in the large stylish and well protected case is the best kind of statement you can make about the seriousness of your gaming.

The case is a nice stiff foam backed cloth zippered case that has a cutout inside that fits the Destructor mat perfectly. The case is a really nice case that will definitely hold you Destructor from damage in transit to those LAN parties or anywhere else and makes a bold statement.

I highly recommend the Razer Destructor for a professional grade gaming mat that works very well not only for gaming but regular computer use as well.